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Quick Corporate Event Check list

Establish your event goals:

What Is The Purpose Of The Event?

1. Estimate of the number of guests:

2. Develop a guest list:

3. Date of event (*Check calendar for conflicts*):

4. Choose your venue and vendors and secure contracts with those vendors. (*Review venue and vendor rules and requirements*)

  • Venue:
  • Catering:
  • Beverages:
  • Rentals:
  • Entertainment:
  • Florals:
  • Event Planner:
  • Insurance:

5. Date to send out invitations:

6. Date of venue walk through with key vendors:

7. Develop an event time line:

8. Share timeline and points of contact with vendors:

  • Event Date:
  • Venue:
  • Start Time:
  • Venue Point of Contact:
  • Event Point of Contact:
  • Rental Delivery and Set-Up Day and Time:
  • Floral and Design Start Time:
  • Caterer Arrival Time:
  • Entertainment Arrival Time:
  • Beverage Service Arrival Time:
  • Guest Arrival Time:
  • Entertainment Start Time:
  • Beverages and Appetizer Service Start Time:
  • Entree/Station Start Time:
  • Dessert Start Time:
  • Event Closing Time: